Chairman’s Foreword

After giving all due thanks and praises to Allah, the Almighty, and expressing my appreciation to the executives and staff members of Al-Kaabi Trading & Contracting Group, I am honored to Introduce this profile, which contains basic information on the structure and activities of our company.

The Group was created in 1980 with the main goal of providing professional and technical and support to the construction industry in our region. The first division launched was AI-Kaabi Soil & Materials Testing for quality control testing of soil and construction materials. But as the Kingdom’s development in the area continued to gain new momentum year after year, we tried to keep pace by launching a series of company divisions to operate alongside their first sister. They came as follows:

  • Al-Kaabi for Industrial Services, established In 1991. Its main focus is to trade in vehicle spare parts, hydraulic and industrial hoses, pumps and accessories.
  • Al-Kaabi for A/C Technology, established in 1992. Its main activity is to carry out central air-conditioning contracts.
  • Al-Kaabi for Aluminum Works, established in 1996. Its basic business activity is the fabrication of aluminum frontages and aluminum kitchen ware.
  • Al-Kaabi for Testing Equipment, created in 1996 to trade in scientific and testing equipment, and to provide technical support services.
  • Al-Kaabi for Technology Support, established in 2007 to provide Non Destructive Testing (NDT), in addition to maintenance and calibration of measuring equipment and control devices.
  • Al-Kaabl for Safe Transport, created in 2007 for the sole activity of conducting safe handling and transport of radioactive material.

In 2006, we decided to venture into the industrial field, so we launched the Gulf Galvanizing Industries (GGI). GGI plant was constructed in Dammam on land area of 10,000 m2. By the Grace of Allah, and thanks to the high quality of its production, the plant was soon recognized and approved by our major customers in the Eastem Province.

AI-Kaabl Group is now building another plant in the same industrial area which will specialize in the production of engineering steelworks and will occupy a land plot of 34,000 m2. The new plant is expected to go into production in 2014.

It has always been a preoccupation of our group that each and every new extension we undertake would bring in an additional and effective contribution to the construction industry. This motivation will continue to guide our steps coupled with the constant resolve that all of our divisions within our Group and their respective plants shall provide distinguished products and services to our valuable customers. – Mohammed Al-Kaabi, late founder of Al-Kaabi group.